Let’s Celebrate May Day!

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Get out your May blossoms and start dancing around the Maypole, it’s time to celebrate May Day with our downtown Seattle hotel! Originally created as a festival honoring Flora, The Roman goddess of flowers, May Day has become an international celebration of Spring.

Here in America, we celebrate by creating May Day baskets. These are small baskets usually filled with flowers or treats and left at someone’s doorstep. The giver rings the bell and runs away. Some cities will host festivals and parades. At Woodland Park in Seattle, you can bring a potluck dish, play games, sing, and dance around the Maypole to celebrate this fun holiday.

In Sweden, the real celebration begins the night of April 30th with Walpurgis. Walpurgis is a feast to ward of winter and evil spirits, as well as a celebration of spring. In the mid 1700’s, fires were lit to scare away predators before cows, goats and sheep were led to their summer pastures. Today, cities celebrate this very public event and local groups often take responsibility for organizing them to encourage community spirit. These festivals include choir singing, parades, consuming large amounts of alcoholic beverages, barbecuing and enjoying the weather. April 30th is also National flag day in Sweden and May Day is Labor Day in Sweden, a national holiday.

Whatever you chose to do this May Day, be sure you stop to enjoy the budding signs of spring in Seattle and revel in the warmer weather that is to come now that winter has passed. We have plenty of Seattle hotel packages to make planning your trip to the city easier than ever.

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