Hotel Ändra Affords Cruise Travelers Time to See Seattle’s Sights

The big problem with time is that it simply doesn’t scale.

It’s pretty simple: We’re all allocated the same number of minutes each day – we can’t manufacture more – which makes each minute priceless. So those moments we have to see new places, be in sync with our surroundings, connect, and bring out the best in who we’re with; that’s time worth cherishing, especially for cruise travelers.

Passengers setting sail know more than anyone what a tight itinerary means, which is somewhat ironic. While the cruise itself affords ample opportunity to adopt a leisurely pace, the 24-to-48 hour, pre-or post-sail stay in a port city they’d love to experience certainly doesn’t. The logistics simply get in the way.

Consider the luggage. Understandably, cruisers are packed for a fortnight, often as part of a large group of friends, family, or colleagues. So how, exactly, are they supposed to get everyone – and the bags, trunks, backpacks, tote bags, everything – to (or from) the cruise terminal? While cherishing the short time they have in a city they’d like to enjoy, either again, or for the first time?

At Hotel Ändra, we seek to deliver delight regardless of how much, or little, time our guests have when visiting Seattle. That’s why our experience of their stay in the Emerald City focuses on engagement, opportunity, and culture – even if for just one night. Thus, we’ve created a cruise package designed to empower our guests to connect with Seattle – even if just a small part of it – instead of worrying about logistics (like hauling their luggage to the terminal!) And the time is nigh as the cruise season is ramping up; 2022 is off to a great start, with 296 sailings so far, with more expected to be added as the season progresses.

  • Set Sail Without Worry
    Hotel Ändra provides a complimentary one-way trip shuttle service (for you, and your luggage!) between our uniquely boutique accommodations and your cruise terminal – Piers 91 and 66. Available for up to two guests per room, with additional shuttle passes available for $20 per person.
  • Say Bon Voyage to Baggage
    The Port of Seattle’s Port Valet service is a complimentary, convenient, and secure way to transfer luggage from your ship to your airline at the end of your cruise, leaving you free to explore the city before your flight home.
  • Bring Out the Best In Who You’re With
    Hotel Ändra keeps friends and family together with our connecting rooms, featuring king and queen beds, light woods, calming textures, linen pillows and throws, and everything to meet your digital entertainment needs. Please contact us for more details.
  • Be In-Sync, and Connect
    Accommodations set? Check. Transportation and baggage handled? Check. Now pick your pre-and post-cruise itinerary. Stroll to the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. Head out to Snoqualmie Falls. Take a city tour, then hit a hot – or laid-back – restaurant. Our Concierge can apply their masterful stroke to any arrangement you seek. And if you’re short on ideas, they’re happy to help.

Time may not scale. But our cruise package is the workaround you need to cherish every minute of your stay in the Emerald City, take in your surroundings, and be fully present with the people you’re with. We look forward to seeing you soon!