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Enjoy Stash Rewards at Hotel Andra

Innovation is born from a passion for changing the status quo and making things better. This happens by either changing what people want (ala Elon Musk) – or how people get what they already want ala Jeff Bezos). Here at Hotel Ändra, we’re proud to say we’ve innovated by following both paths, although admittedly we’re not quite as famous as Elon and Jeff!

First, Hotel Ändra was born from the limitations behind chain and corporate properties. Savvy travelers could find sophistication and style but missed out on impeccable service, attention to detail, novel and unique amenities, and technology that enriches their stay. Thus, we founded our charming, boutique hotel to provide one-of-a-kind, personalized service and unique features that create possibility, shape culture, and otherwise enchant a new breed of traveler…all while bringing us closer to our guests.

Speaking of our guests, their delight was top of mind during our recent renovation as we curated a brand-new look and feel. Our reconceptualized design includes upgraded technology and stylishly comfortable decor, creating a uniquely Seattle property true to our Scandinavian heritage. Think warm, luxurious furnishings with a neutral palette and soft colors inspired by the Swedish Baroque period. Now we can deliver our consistently exceptional guest experiences and demonstrate our commitment to world-class service through the sophistication and style of this new atmosphere.

So, if we’ve followed the path that helps change what travelers want, where does the how they get it come into play?

Enter Stash Hotel Rewards. The fact remains, our guests like to be taken care of. Stash Hotel Rewards allows us to honor their desire to collect loyalty points that earn free night stays without blackout dates or expiration.

Stash Hotel Rewards:

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Innovation is born of the desire to change the status quo and make things better. We’re proud of how we continue to innovate to make your stay exceptional, and hope to see you here soon!




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