Summer Craft Cocktails

When it’s summer in Seattle there is no greater place to be outdoors. You can enjoy the beaming blue sky, the warm sun beating down and nice breeze flitting the trees. The only thing that can make a sweet summer day better is a nice craft cocktail to sip on while sitting outside. We think these three will do just the trick:

Mojito with fresh mint
Fresh mint is the key to this recipe and provides a wonderful compliment to this cool cocktail.

20 fresh mint leaves
2 teaspoons superfine sugar
5 tablespoons light rum
3 tablespoons juice from a lime
5 tablespoons soda water
1 sprig of fresh mint

Moscow Mules in Copper Cups

In an 8-ounce glass, combine the fresh mint leaves (each about 1 1/2 in. long) and 2 teaspoons superfine sugar. With a wooden spoon, pound mint leaves with sugar to coarsely crush. Add 5 tablespoons light rum and 3 tablespoons fresh lime juice; mix well. Fill glass with ice cubes and 5 tablespoons soda water. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.

Moscow Mule:
This trendy beverage is all the rage this summer and is the epitome of cool when sipped out of a copper mug. An added bonus is we have the best place for you to buy your ginger beer right here in Seattle!

Shot of vodka
2 tablespoons juice from a lime
½ cup Ginger Beer
1 lime wedge

Pour vodka and lime juice into a copper mug, add ice cubes and ginger beer. Stir to combine. Drop your lime wedge into the mug as a garnish.

Summer brew:
This longtime favorite is the perfect thirst quencher for large get-togethers.

12 pack light beer
1-liter vodka
2 cans frozen lemonade

In a large container pour the 12 beers in with the liter of vodka and frozen lemonade. Stir and serve.

Tropical cocktails of all colors with small umbrellas.

Seattle is also home to many local breweries that produce amazing craft beer. Make sure to grab your growler and stop in here and here to enjoy a wide selection of amazing brewskies.

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