Tom Douglas

Tom Douglas is synonymous with words like delicious, tantalizing, well renown and amazing. We are proud and honored to partner with him to offer guests a one-of-a-kind dining experience inside our hotel.

Portrait of Tom Douglas

A popular Seattle restaurateur, Tom Douglas has created a brand that encompasses the culinary environment of a city that has become known for its food scene. With a wide array of restaurant personalities, diners can enjoy everything from Greek to pizza to baked goods. Bonus for our guests – all of Tom’s restaurants are within walking distance from us! Something extraordinary about Tom is that he grows produce on his farm in Prosser, Washington and about 60,000 tons goes to his restaurants.

More recently Tom opened Hot Stove Society (located on the 2nd floor of our hotel!). Hot Stove Society is a year round cooking school that provides hands-on cooking classes for individuals or groups. Extremely popular, Hot Stove Society classes often book up fast and are known for their fun and lively atmosphere.

Fortunate for us, Tom handles our catering for our meetings and events.

Next time you stay with us, make sure to dine at one of Tom Douglas’s famous establishments. Or stay in and order in-room dining from Lola or Serious Pie.

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