Hotel Ändra Offers PressReader as a New Amenity

Stories have extraordinary power. Consider the question, “How was your trip?” Depending on the context (business, pleasure, a last-minute rush, or a well-planned, itinerary-laden vacation), the story a traveler tells eager listeners generates joy, laughter, curiosity, fascination, sorrow, empathy, or a host of other emotions and feelings.

Stories have impact, create connection, and provide a sense of time, place, and relevance to the world.

This explains why we follow specific newspapers, magazines, and books – they’re meaningful to us because they deliver content full of words and images that somehow matter. We invite publications into our lives because we trust the writers and editor enough – and they’re talented enough – to connect us to what’s important.

Thus (ironically when traveling for pleasure), we often miss our stories when they’re gone.

At Hotel Ändra, we believe a booking at our boutique property is a similar invitation from a person to be a part of their life. This invitation is also based on trust. Trust that we will connect them with what’s important – the sophistication, style, impeccable service, and attention to detail that makes a stay delightful.

To keep our promise of delivering delight, we continue to heighten the guest experience. It’s why we founded our charming hotel in the first place: to create a uniquely Seattle property where discerning travelers can enjoy one-of-a-kind, personalized service, unique amenities, and technology that enriches their experience.

Thus, we’re thrilled to offer PressReader as a new, free amenity in every guestroom. It’s an exciting way to bridge the gap between the stories travelers miss when they’re gone…and keeping our promises.

PressReader connects travelers to over 7,000 international newspapers and magazines, as well as more than 100 classic e-books (available in English, Spanish, or French). Once logged in to Hotel Ändra Wi-Fi, the stories our visitors care about come to life digitally after downloading the PressReader app to their tablet or smartphone (or, if using a laptop, by visiting

  • PressReader is complimentary service for guests
  • Guests can even download their favorite publications to their computer or tablet – without an expiration date – to read after their stay
  • View the full catalogue of available publications here

PressReader is a beautiful way to enhance our amenity offerings and keep travelers connected to the stories that impact their lives. Access to thousands of publications is complimentary for every visitor.

At Hotel Ändra, we understand what’s meaningful for one guest can’t possibly work for everyone. Each visitor thirsts for different kinds of connection. So, we choose to work with institutions like PressReader that can reach many different communities, each with their own worldview.

Digital access to publications also supports our Going Green efforts. PressReader will replace the current newspaper we leave at our guests’ doors every morning. However, traditional newspapers will be available for guests who prefer the look and feel of print, and we’ll deliver them to any guestroom by request.

Stories have extraordinary power. Stories have impact, create connection, and provide us all with a sense of time, place, and relevance to the world. We hope this new service makes every stay at Hotel Ändra that much more comfortable, connected, and remarkable.

And maybe even worthy a story of its own.