Hotel Ändra Dining 2 Blocks from the Hotel

In search of hotels near Seattle’s best restaurants, Pike Place Market, Belltown, and the waterfront? Or looking for room service or private dining instead? Our boutique Seattle hotel is at the heart of Seattle’s food scene. Call Hotel Andra to learn more about our summer hotel packages, and book your visit today.

Assembly Hall

A swift 5-minute walk, Assembly Hall is the ideal eatery to grab a quick breakfast sandwich or smoothie and cup of Jo on your way out to explore the city.  Described by patrons as relaxed and accommodating, the rustic-styled Assembly Hall is high-end cafeteria meets coffee and juice bar.  On display you’ll find an array of delicious pastries and desserts along with a multitude of grab and go items.  Their lunch and dinner menu feature heavier style burgers and decadent sandwiches that should always be topped off with one of their famous milk shakes.


Located next to Assembly Hall, Tanaka-San is Tom Douglas’s newest modern Asian-American bar and restaurant.  Having the choice to either sit inside or out, Tanaka-San’s lively atmosphere perfectly compliments their outstanding food.   Featuring daily dumpling specials, bento boxes, ramen dishes and more, one of their most popular menu items are their sake slushies.

Tanaka San

Home Remedy

Venture about 5 steps further past Tanaka-San and you’re dining options continue with Home Remedy. Nestled inside a general store setting, Home Remedy is the perfect place to dine on the quick and pick up any groceries you may need.  A relaxed ambiance and a diverse selection of cultural cuisine, you’re sure to find something for everyone at Home Remedy.  Enjoy Indian burritos from their gourmet hot counter or build your own favorite rice bowl.  Munch on savory Italian pizza, indulge in one of their amazing deli sandwiches or go the salad bar route, which will have you salivating at first glance.

Doppler Building

Middle Eastern cuisine, Street Food, Hawaiian-Korean eats, Mediterranean Veggie plates, Oh My! Where is this cornucopia of mouth-watering food you ask?  Look no further than kitty corner from Assembly Hall and you will find Amazon’s newest office building, which is also home to some of the most delicious restaurants.



Street food at its finest, Skillet was one of the first original food trucks that evolved into a full service restaurant.  Providing comfort style chow that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and Saturday/Sunday brunch, Skillet offers a nice variety of appetizers, small plates, entrees and cocktails.  Looking for lighter fare?  Try their salads and veggies or go all out with their heavier options of burgers, fried chicken, and meats.   At Skillet you will find yourself at the intersection of momma’s home cooking meets trendy city life.


Quick and delicious, Marination delivers tacos like you’ve never had, sliders that will leave you craving for more and aloha tots that are to die for.  Small on the inside with limited seating and usually a line to order, Marination is worth the quick wait to take your lunch on the go.

Mamnoon Street

Fresh and Flavorful, Mamnoon Street describes themselves as a modern union of Middle Eastern street foods. Pita so soft it melts in your mouth and lamb so tender it falls off the bone, Mamnoon Street offers some of the most authentic cuisine around. Try their chicken schwarma, which is easily their most popular item, or relish in their falafel sandwich.  Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong.


A contemporary café offering eclectic juices and fresh vegetarian dishes, Anar offers healthy dishes with gourmet quality.   Their menu is small and to the point, but everything is fresh and light and they do a great job of working with dietary restrictions.


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