Live Like a Local – Catch a Mariner’s Game!


Baseball bat and bat on a green field

1….2…..3…..strikes you’re out in the old, ball, game! Its summertime and what’s better than sitting outside, grubbing on delicious food while sipping an ice-cold brew and watching your favorite team WIN! A fun activity for all ages is to take in a Seattle Mariners game.

Power up for the big game by enjoying a delicious breakfast and Bloody Mary from Lola’s then walk the short block and a half and hop on the light rail which takes you straight down to T-Mobile Park.

Here are a few of our tips to fully soak up and strategically plan your Mariner experience:

Great fans hang out before the game is Pyramid Brewery located across the street from T-Mobile Park. Arrive early to chat with locals about baseball and the Mariners.

Once you arrive in Mariner Country, be sure to stop by Pyramid Brewery and enjoy a homegrown brew and mingle with the locals before the game. Once you find your seat, be sure to check out the amazing food options T-Mobile Park offers. Providing something for everyone, you can find traditional ballpark fare like hot dogs and garlic fries to sushi and gluten-free and vegetarian offerings. They’ve even been known for serving toasted grass-hoppers!

And, if you love a Bobblehead perhaps you’ve selected a game when you will receive a coveted Bobblehead to add to your collection of souvenirs. In my opinion they rank right up there with Kettle Corn purchased from a street vendor on the way to the game.

If you feel a need to walk off your baseball game feasting, Seattle’s original neighborhood (1852), Pioneer Square, is just north of the Stadiums. Rich with historic architecture of yesteryear transport you to the time when the visitors that passed through Seattle were on their way to seek their fortune in Alaska.

You’re all set to take in a Mariners Game like a local! Be sure to cheer and cheer loud for our hometown that we are so proud to call ours.

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