The Amazon Spheres

Live Like a Local

A mere 2 blocks east you’ll notice a large, circular, glass dome emerging from the corner of 6th and Lenora. What are these strange spheres growing in the middle of our bustling city? An amazon. Literally.

These three spheres signify the pride and joy of Amazon’s urban campus. A statement of architecture and a place for Amazon employees to roam around and break free from the stereotypical office space. A place where the employee’s minds can wander and roam until they are able to solve the problem or come up with the next big idea.

The main sphere houses the majority of employees and action, while the other two simply harbor trees. Mimicking Costa Rica’s lovely Central Valley, inside the climate will stay at 72 degrees and you’ll find waterfalls, rivers and treehouse type spaces. The spheres play host to thousands of exotic plants as well as a 60-foot living wall that provides an instant connection to the amazon.

Although the spheres are mainly only accessible to Amazon employees, there are periodic tours for outsiders.

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