Transportation from the Airport

Visiting us from a faraway land? Ok, just flying in from the Midwest? When you stay in our great city, there really is no reason for a car. Our perfect location puts you in the heart of Seattle and within walking distance to all of our amazing tourist attractions. Plus, downtown parking can sometimes be on the spendy side. The only hiccup is that our beautiful airport, SeaTac is 15 miles from the hotel.

Don’t worry, we have many alternatives for you to travel to and from the airport from our hotel that does not include renting a car.

If you want something quick and stress-free, you can grab an Uber and they will zoom you straight to the hotel. You need to ensure you have the Uber app downloaded on your phone and once you have your bags request the style of Uber you desire and depending on what category, will depend on where you meet your Uber driver. The more upscale options such as UberXL, UberBlack are able to meet you curbside at Arrivals. Find out more Uber options and pick up locations here.

Another fun and easy alternative is to take the Link light rail. It leaves the airport every 7-15 minutes and although you will have a few stops along the way, it will drop you off 2 blocks from the hotel. Once you have your bags, follow the signs and take skybridge 6 towards the Link rail station. Make sure you buy tickets from the ticket vending machine before you head up to the platform. Once you are on the lightrail, get off at the Westlake stop. From there Walk northwest on alley, southwest on Pine Street and then head northwest on 4th Avenue to the hotel.

Whichever mode of transportation you choose, we look forward to hosting you on your stay to Seattle!

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