The spookiest corners of downtown Seattle come alive this time of year. Ready to explore the city through its most haunted past?

The Smith Tower

The iconic Smith Tower isn’t just a symbol of Seattle; it’s also home to ghostly legends. The 35th floor is said to be haunted by the ghost of a lady who tragically leapt to her demise from an observation deck. Some visitors have reported hearing her mournful cries echoing through the tower.

Pike Place Market

Beneath the bustle of Pike Place lies a spectral world waiting to be discovered. The market’s maze of narrow alleys and hidden corners hides spooky secrets. Keep an eye out for the wandering ghost of Princess Angeline, the daughter of Chief Seattle, who is said to protect her ancestral lands.

Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub

Nestled in Post Alley, this charming Irish pub was a former mortuary from the early 1900s. No surprise that it’s considered America’s most haunted pub. Employees and patrons alike have reported glasses moving on their own and other paranormal activity.

Pioneer Square

Seattle’s oldest neighborhood hides stories of the city’s early days and ghostly residents. Take a guided tour to unravel the mysteries behind the alleyways, where shadows whisper the darkest secrets of the past.

Butterworth Building

The historic building, located in Pioneer Square, has witnessed over a century of eerie history. Inside its hallowed halls, stories abound of ghostly figures, unexplained footsteps, and inexplicable chills. Some believe the spirits of former tenants still wander its corridors.


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Photo Courtesy The Great Pumpkin Beer Festival