Where to Embrace Coziness in Downtown Seattle

Hotel Ändra is often considered Seattle’s coziest hotel. Being ‘consciously cozy’ is part of our Scandinavian heritage, known as hygge. We believe in the power of hygge to relax guests with soothing colors, inviting spaces and quietly luxurious rooms. Downtown Seattle is full of cozy corners for you to discover too.

Cozy Cafés: Sip and Savor

Downtown Seattle has no shortage of charming cafés. Nestle into a corner table at Storyville Coffee Pike Place and savor a cup of freshly brewed coffee, letting the aroma and warmth envelop you. Or explore the quaint ambiance of Le Panier, where the smell of freshly baked pastries creates a cozy retreat.

Intimate Bookstores: Lose Yourself in Literature

Lose yourself in the pages of a good story at intimate bookstores like Elliott Bay Book Company. The soft lighting and hushed tones make it an ideal space to enjoy the simple pleasure of reading.

Artisanal Boutiques: Discover Handcrafted Comfort

Take the art of hygge home with you at Seattle’s many artisanal boutiques. At Eighth Generation in Pike Place Market Native artists handcraft items using natural elements. Wrap yourself in warmth with stunning hand-knit blankets and locally made scarves.

Intimate Dining: Culinary Comfort

Indulge in candlelight dining at Place Pigalle in Pike Place Market. Settle into a cozy table and savor the rustic charm and enticing aromas of classic French cuisine. At Assaggio Ristorante, chef Mauro Golmarvi enchants diners with Italian flair and comforting meals that feel like a warm hug.

We hope the spirit of hygge enhances your Seattle experience.