Alternatives to sending holiday cards

Lost track of time and realize you never sent out your holiday card? Don’t worry we have you covered with fun & easy alternatives that your loved ones are sure to enjoy!

Send a Happy New Year Letter instead

Instead of sending a holiday card with your normal yearly letter describing everything you did over the past year, send out a Happy New Year letter with everything you plan to do in the upcoming year. You can list out what activities you will be partaking in, what vacations you have planned and anything else that you have to look forward to in 2017.

Post on Social Media

A quick and easy way to get your family out to the most amount of friends is to post a Happy Holiday post on social media. Create the post just like you would a holiday card . Or go elaborate and create a whole slideshow showcasing your year. The best part, you won’t have to worry about addresses and postage!

Choose another holiday

Get real wacky and send out a Valentines or St. Patrick’s Day card. During December, loved ones are bombarded with holiday cards. This time of year, people won’t be expecting it and it will be a nice little surprise.

Whatever route you choose, remember your friends and family just enjoy seeing you and getting an update on your life. Basically, you can’t go wrong!

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