Fitness Options While Staying with Us

Trying to keep with your workout regimen while traveling? Not only do we have a stellar fitness center that is open 24 hours, but we also have partnerships with other workout facilities close to the hotel our guests can use.

Our fitness center is located on the 3rd floor where you can enjoy beautiful views of the roof while you push yourself to exhaustion on our elliptical or treadmill. If you prefer to see the beach or fields of flowers, let us know. We are more than happy to print a scenery page and tape it to the window! Free weights, stability balls and yoga mats are also available for use in our fitness center.

Looking for a more holistic fitness option? Head one block over to Urban Yoga. Our guests are able to partake in any of the classes at regular cost, and as a bonus you will receive a complimentary towel and yoga mat!

Or if you prefer the more relaxed workout schedule when you are on the road, then can we suggest the arm and mouth workout at our bar and restaurant, Lola. You will get plenty of arm exercises in as you tip your cocktail from table to mouth.


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