Meetings & Events – Ändra Loft Bar/Hot Stove Society

Unique, Fun, Chic. These are words that describe two of our favorite private event spaces.

View of the Bar at the Hot Stove Society.

Our Ändra Loft sits on our second floor overlooking our warm and inviting Lobby. The metal and wood stairs leading to the Ändra Loft were commissioned by a local artist and the minimalist glass and steel railing was designed to allow guests an easy view of the action in the Living Room below. This stylish space can be used for private events, reception style for up to 80 guests. You’ll enjoy high boy cocktail tables in a bar-like atmosphere or saddle up directly to your private bar on one of our many barstools. For a more comfortable sitting, relax by our long, glowing fireplace in one of our stylish couches or sit at our communal, large, family style table where you can enjoy great food and even better socializing.

Class at the Cooking School

A view of the cooking demonstration area.

Want to create an experience your group will be sure to enjoy and will be raving about for months after? Book a private event in our most popular amenity, the Tom Douglas public cooking school, Hot Stove Society. Located on the second floor of our hotel, groups are able to book a private hands-on cooking or tasting experience in our public cooking school. The demonstration kitchen is fully tricked out with up to the minute Kitchen Aid equipment for 32 participants to get their hands dirty.  Built and run by Seattle’s most famous restaurateur, Tom Douglas, Hot Stove Society team can create a casual mixer party with cocktails while one of their chefs demonstrates a technique or they have intensive hands-on events that your friends or employees can enjoy!

We know you are always looking for new, inspiring event space, that is why we are so glad we have something a little more distinctive and exclusive to offer your guests. Let your next private event shine by holding it in the Ändra Loft, Hot Stove Society or both.

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