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Gone are the days where you call up your travel agent and they plan your trip from start to finish to include amazing restaurants, unforgettable activities and exquisite hotel accommodations. Traveler’s today are fortunate to have multitudes of information at their fingertips, but at times all this information can be a bit overwhelming.

That’s where Utrip can come in handy. Utrip is an online travel itinerary website that will help you plan the perfect, personalized trip based on your needs and interests.
You have the option to select a pre-existing itinerary based on your interests or you can create your own. Are you a Seattle first-timer? Looking for adventure? Interested in food and wine? Utrip lets you tailor your schedule to your desires and personality.

You can alter a sliding scale to reflect your budget, interest level in art, culture, history, museums, sports, nature or adventure and what kind of cuisine and entertainment that interests you. You also choose what you must see, how you feel about shopping (souvenirs and gifts to total shopaholic!), how much R&R you’ll need, how spontaneous you are and the pace you want to keep. Once you set your scale to fit your trip’s personality Utrip will plan your perfect trip!

Utrip creates an itinerary that plans your day from start to finish including a detailed map view that allows you to easily navigate the city. If you don’t like one of their suggestions, you can easily change it and your schedule updates.

Utrip takes the question out of traveling and offers the ease of planning to ensure your next trip is one to remember!

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