Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

During this holiday season it’s always fun to receive gifts from loved ones, but we all know the old adage – it’s better to give than to receive and it really holds true during this giving season. Here are some ways you can give back during the holidays:

  1. Salvation Army Angel Tree
    1. Pick up a ornament from one of Salvation Army’s angel tree and you will find a name, age and needs/wants of someone in need. This is a fun activity if you want to get your children involved. You can choose someone around the same age as your child and have them help pick everything out and package it up.
  2. Humane Society
    1. Make a year-end gift. Hey, it’s a tax deduction!
    2. Donate pet food and treats
    3. The Humane society bathes the animals and one thing they are always in need of is old towels and sheets.
    4. Adopt a beautiful furry friend!
  3. Donate socks, gloves and stocking caps
    1. Unfortunately our amazing city has a large group on misfortunate beings that can’t afford simple things like socks, gloves and hats. During these cold and wet winter months, Seattle Night Watch will hand out thousands of these items.. Help your fellow Seattleite out by donating these easy items.
  4. Deliver cookies to your neighbors
    1. With our wet winters, neighbors don’t tend to get out and socialize as much. This is a great way to bring holiday cheers to those around you and get to know your fellow neighbor at the same time. Plus, nobody can ever turn away a delicious cookie treat!

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